Get around with school & HLP transport


    It's possible to travel on school bus routes!

    Some school routes are open to the public all year round, including during zone B vacations.

    The school lines concerned are : S14, S17, S19, S23 and S26. These routes can be taken with students on their outward or return journey.

    Haut le Pied (HLP), Think about it!

    But what's HLP?

    These are the journeys a vehicle makes empty to get to the starting or return point of its line.

    You can only use HLP on school routes S14, S17, S19, S20, S23, S24, S25 and S26. These routes are open to the public during the school year and during zone B school vacations.

    How to book?

    Reservations by telephone on 04 92 20 47 50 or by email:

    • 3 days before the date of travel
    • subject to availability